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Who We Are

Entrepreneurs’ Society is a student-organized society that was founded in 2003 in an attempt to tackle the attitude of students’ hesitation to start new businesses. We believe that universities shape the minds and skills of their attendees; therefore, we took the initiative upon ourselves to develop and enlighten our future’s well being, through empowering, fostering and developing the youth in becoming the seeds of the future and tomorrow’s leaders.

Our Success

Our Aim

Our aim is to spread entrepreneurship awareness and foster entrepreneurial spirit among AUC students and among the Egyptian youth. Hence, forming a Human Development standpoint, ES aims at providing professional and vocational trainings to nurture the skills of the AUC community. ES also holds various Social Entrepreneurship initiatives that contribute positively to the well-being of our society.

Latest News 

Babson Challenge -Winner

The Toy Lab

-Start-Up Battle “EL-Menus Edition” – Winner

Nour Helal, Ayten Ismail and Fadila Hassib

-The Chief of product at Foundersmedia “Dalia Kamar” on Campus!

-Startup Battle 2018 (Swvl edition)- Winner

Youssef Salama

-Junior Startup Challenge 2018 – Top 3 Winners

First Place: Basbosa

Second Place: E3lenly

Third Place: Medi-cure