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Success stories:

· Abbas Jammal, founder of Entrepreneurs’ Society and CEO 2003-2004, started several projects of his own when he graduated. Jammal opened multiple food outlets including the franchise of Auntie Anne’s in Egypt, Grizzly’s Diner and Shawarmaister.

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· Omar Abdelwahed and Mohamed Shaer won BPC 15 with their idea for “JustCads”, which was a new methodology of advertising and marketing using automobiles. They started with the development of the idea, yet were inspired with a new startup idea that is now up and running called Baddel is an online platform where people can trade new and old items they don’t want for things they actually need.

· Mohamed Wagih and Omar Lasheen continued to follow their dreams after they won BPC 2014 with their idea – previously known as InstART – into what is now called Abscraft. Abscraft is an interdisciplinary studio that specializes in the design and furnish of architectural projects along with customizable products and crafts.

· “Florchet” started in ES’ BPC14 as an idea that turned into a business. Although Sara Kholusi, the founder, reached to the top 10, she also joined Injaz Egypt through ES and reached the top 30. Florchet is now Egypt’s online crochet floral service. It has designed weddings, bridal bouquets, birthdays and gifts. Florchet has financially supported Egyptian women and refugees by teaching them how to crochet high-quality flowers!



download (1)· Ahmed Yassin, runner up of Entrepreneurs’ Society BPC 2013, pursued his idea and is now one of the founders of Crunch & Scream. Crunch & Scream is the first outlet in Egypt that offers ice cream sandwiches with cookies, macaroons, and donuts. There are two main outlets, one in Maadi and another in Diplo, respectively.


· Hossam Taher, a recent graduate from Cairo University with a Bachelor in Medicine, and a BPC participant in 2011, finished off as Top 3. However, he didn’t stop there, as his idea, CairoSitters, is now incubated by Injaz and Americana Group and has been running for 5 years now. It is an online virtual platform where parents can find, book and manage sessions with high quality babysitters and tutors.

· Omar Gaballah, winner of ES’ BPC 2017 and founder of Mezaj Kitesports quotes: “ES helped me organize myself, my Business Plan and gave me the needed push for exposure and execution of my plan. Things are going faster than ever! Right now I am at the stage of selling my product and legalizing my business. My advice is, join ES so you can change your life to the better.”

· Maie Korayem & Ahmed Bektash, runners up of ES’ BPC 2017 used this competition as a way to further develop their startup idea called CORE. CORE is an online educational center, which provides videos in the form of dialogues that enhances the learning experience, worksheets, notes and applications to school students for their school year and curriculum. It is currently being tested through the MVP concept!